Personal training

C-Crypto offers the full training course of cryptocurrency trading from a basic studying of crypto to a complete understanding of market and free-standing trading. The course is held with our personal adviser in private format.

Personal training course from C-Crypto
Part one.
Introduction into the cryptocurrency
  • What is cryptocurrencies and its' types
  • Cryptocurrency mining, future trends, investments
  • Cryptocurrency trading, trading platforms
  • The similarities and differences of cryptocurrencies with traditional financial markets
Part two.
C-Crypto trading platform, cryptocurrency trading studying
  • Studying of C-Crypto trading platform, opening of the first transaction
  • Assets, diagrams, signals, analytics, specification of cryptocurrencies
  • Basic trading strategies studying and its' applying
Part three.
Cryptocurrencies market analysis and its' applying for trading
  • Analysis of the market, trading patterns
  • Practical application of analysis in free-standing trading
  • Online trading session with personal adviser
Part four.
Investment plan formation, personal strategies formation
  • Investment plan and long-term strategy formation
  • Formation of personal trading strategy investment plan goals achievement
  • Investment plan implementation, adjustments as the plan proceeds
To apply the personal training course set up a C-Crypto trading account and contact with your personal consultant.