User Agreement

  1. Parties and Scope of Agreement

    1. This Agreement is concluded between Altway Limited, hereinafter referred to as the Company, and an individual or a legal entity, that intends to to use the services of the Company by means of web-site, hereinafter referred to as the Client.
    2. The subject of this Agreement is the services provided by the Company to the Client for trading activity on cryptocurrency and other financial instruments, as well as clearing services between Parties, their rights and obligations.
    3. The Client has agreed with all the articles of this document and accepts them during registration on the web-site. Hereinafter, this Agreement will enter into the legal force
  2. Company’s Services

    1. Within this Agreement the Company provides the following services:
      1. Providing the Client with access to trading by means of software, access to the technical analysis instruments and additional information that aims to provide the assistance and support during trading activity;
      2. Ensuring the communication with Company’s technical support or third parties, authorized to provide services on behalf of the Company;
      3. Organization of the process of obtaining by the Client the information on current quotations through the individual electronic trading platform from Company’s representatives or authorized third party;
      4. Providing the Clients with consulting support on technical and informational issues during the use of provided by the Company software.
    2. The Company reserves the right to make any changes and amendments to the Services List specified in the clause 2.1. of this Agreement. These changes came into force immediately after its’ publication on the Company’s website. Besides, the subject to modifications can be applied to clause 2.2. and to the new services which may be added in addition to those specified in the clause 2.1. of the present Agreement.
    3. Trading parameters, specifications, rules and any other terms and descriptions on the Company’s website and related to the Company’s services, are the inalienable part of present Agreement and can be changed without notice of the Customer, unless otherwise specified.
    4. Analytical materials and other information published on the Company’s website can not be regarded as the guide to action. The Client is aware of this and recognize the responsibility for making the independent trade decisions
    5. Client is aware that the orders he gave through the trade terminal will be executed by Company even if such actions may be unprofitable to the Client.
    6. Each financial instrument by with the Client make the trade operations is recognized as settlement financial instrument. The Client is aware that electronic purchase or sale through the trading terminal provided by Company doesn’t imply the physical supply of the specified in the Contract cryptocurrency or asset. The Client can look through the trading history immediately after the closing of opened transactions.
  3. Representations and warranties of the Parties

    1. The Client guarantees the reading and fully acceptance of all the clauses of present Agreement, realizing that it determines the terms of his interaction with the Company.
    2. Company doesn’t bear the financial responsibility for the results of trading operations with cryptocurrency and other financial instruments made by Client
    3. Company guarantees the confidentiality of the Clients data, which are used during work with Personal Account, current account and Clients trading account. The Client has the sole power to claim and fulfill the obligations on all the transactions made on its’ trading accounts. The rights and obligations stipulated in this Agreement, are not transferred and are not assigned on another party under any circumstances.
    4. The Client as an individual guarantees its’ legal capability, the attainment of majority (according to the laws of the country of Clients residence) and the fact that he is not a resident or the US citizen. The Client as a legal entity also guarantees that the organization he represents is legally capable and is not registered on the US territory. The Client as a legal entity guarantees that the owners of this legal entity, as well as individuals who have the right to accept the present agreement without using a power of attorney on behalf of legal entity, are not residents or US citizens.
    5. The Client as an individual guarantees personal filing of the application form on the Company’s website. In case, when the Client is a legal entity the data in the application form shall be entered by legal representative of the organization having the active power of attorney for the acceptance of this Agreement.
    6. The Client agrees to ensure the safety of the confidential information, necessary to access in the Personal Account and to its’ trading accounts. The Client should inform the Company about the fact of stealing or loss of such information, as well as about the cases of third parties unfaithful access.
    7. All the information the Client obtains from the Company by means of this Agreement, subscribers terminal and e-mail, phone and online chart is provided for review and personal trading, but not intended to use for entrepreneurship or third parties transfer in any form without written approval of the Company. In case of violation this clause of the Agreement, the Client aware and bear full responsibility for taken actions in accordance with the present legislation on protection of the intellectual property.
  4. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

    1. The Client has the right:
      1. to conduct transactions with cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments giving orders to the Company through the trading platform;
      2. Ask for any information that relates to the status of current trading accounts of the Client, provided that there are technical feasibility for connection between the Client and Company;
      3. In a disputable situations submit claims to the Clients support service or Company’s management team in accordance with the procedure established by the document regulating the procedure for handling claims, applications and disputes on trading or non-trading transactions, orders and transactions concluded by the Client;
      4. To terminate this Agreement on its’ own initiative by absence of debts to the Company. In such case, the Client is obliged to close all the transactions, delete the pending orders and notify the Company about this decision in written form.
      5. The Client has the right to independently dispose by free funds on his trading account and to withdraw funds on payment requisites from which these funds we transferred by Client on its’ trading account during replenishment, in case of absence of obligations on trading transaction handling, because of receipt of bonus.
    2. The Client is obliged to:
      1. To follow the rules specified in the financial operations procedure (specified in the clause 6 of this Agreement) during financial transactions on its’ trading accounts;
      2.  To bear responsibility for actions performed on its’ trading accounts and Personal Account;
      3. Bear responsibility for actions, especially regarding handling of trading operations with cryptocurrency and other financial instruments.
      4. To recognize and bear the sole responsibility for use of particular trading strategy, taking into account all the possible risks
      5.  To recognize and bear the sole responsibility for safety of confidential information, provided to him by Company, and also accept the risk of financial losses that may be caused by unauthorized actions of third parties through illegally gained access to its’ personal or trading accounts;
      6. Independently monitor and the balance and status of its’ trading accounts;
      7. To inform the Company on any changes in its’ contact information during 10 (ten) calendar days upon such changes;
      8. To follow the current Privacy Policy of the Company.
    3. The Company have the right:
      1. In case of violation by Client of one or more paragraphs or sub-paragraphs of this Agreement to cancel or close the transaction that was carried out with violation, and to close the Clients trading account;
      2. To keep communication with Client on any issues related to this Agreement;
      3. Change, rename and add any clauses, paragraphs and subparagraphs of this Agreement, as well as the list of services, trading contracts specification and other provisions posted on the Company’s website. All the changes came into force after its’ publication of the Company’s website.
      4.  In sole discretion, use free funds from trading account of the Client to pay its’ debts to the Company, as well as in connection with revealed abuses of the Client by bonus or partner programs. Company can use any Clients funds to cover any of its’ obligations to the Company, including legal costs and rates of interest, but not limited by it.
      5.  The Company reserves the right to suspend the servicing of Clients trading accounts in case of valid reasons appearance;
      6.  Hold to hold Clients to comply with established rules and paragraphs of this Agreement.
      7. In the event that the Client’s order for the execution of trading operations are contrary to the terms of this Agreement, the Company has the right to review the amount of financial obligations to the Client.
      8. To provide services under this Agreement the Company can involve third parties, who assume the rights and obligations of the Company, listed in this Agreement;
      9. To carry out the processing of the Clients personal data, including collecting, accumulating, storing, using, systematization, clarifying (changes, updating), transferring to third parties (in case of compliance with the Company’s Privacy Policy), depersonalizing for use it in the Company’s newsletters;
      10. In the event when there are reasonable grounds unilaterally terminate this Agreement after the written notice of the Client about this fact, as well as fulfilling in full all the financial obligations to the Client in the amount of free funds on personal and trading accounts of the Client. At the same time, the Company provides the forced close of all the Clients opened positions on the basis of current market rates (upon availability). All the possible losses, direct or indirect are pinned on the Client.
    4. The Company’s obligations:
      1. To provide services for the fulfillment of the Clients orders for the performance of trading operations with cryptocurrency or any other financial instrument, provided that these orders doesn’t conflict with the provisions of the Trading Rules;
      2.  In case of Clients liabilities absence, upon his request to fulfill all financial obligations to him within the limits of free funds amount on Clients trading account;
      3.  Providing the Client with any information regarding the status of his trading account;
      4. Providing the Client with information on quotations and other similar information;
      5. To take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of information provided by Client without telling it to third parties.
      6. To comply with this Agreement terms.
  5. Financial operations dealing procedure

    1. The remaining amount on the balance of the Client’s trading account considered as the amount of financial obligations that the Company bears to the Client at the certain point of time, minus amount received as a result of participation in any promotion action, if the Client hasn’t fulfilled obligations, specified in the terms of promotion action
    2.  The Company bear financial obligations to the Client from the moment the Client replenishes trading account and displaying information deposited on its’ Personal account. The Company cancel to bear financial obligations to the Client immediately after the funds withdrawal from Clients personal or trading accounts, as well as when the balance set to zero due to other reasons.
    3. The Client has the right to expect and demand from the Company the financial obligations fulfillment in amount that doesn’t exceeding the amount on the Clients trading account.
    4. The Client understands and regards to that the payment systems are not the business partners of the Company, therefore the Company assume no responsibility for the delay and/or non-transfer of funds on the balance of the Clients trading account through the payment system fault. The risks that are not related with the use of any payment system are taken by the Client, therefore for all the issues and complaints he applies to support service of that payment system.
    5.  At the time when the Client perform the operations of funds deposit/withdrawal, the Company became to bear financial responsibility from the moment of depositing of funds to the banking account or to the Company’s accounts in payment systems, whose numbers are specified on official website. The Company’s financial responsibility is terminated when the funds are withdrawn from the above mentioned Company’s accounts to the Client’s accounts.
    6.  In case of Clients fraud detection the financial transactions made by him could be canceled by the Company’s decision.
    7.  Providing that any technical errors occur on the Company’s side during the financial transactions, the Company reserves the right to delay the results of that transactions until the technical problems solving.
    8. The Company have the right to correct the balance of the Clients trading accounts in the event if the Client improperly fulfills the promo actions conditions
    9.  The Client doesn’t have the right to use software that simulates the real user actions in its’ Personal account. The Company have the right to zero out all the financial transactions that were made while using above mentioned software
    10. The Client has the right to register on his name the only 1 (one) Personal account (account) on the Company’s website. Otherwise, the Company have the right to block all the accounts except the only in its’ own discretion, that were registered in violation of this clause of the Agreement. At the same time for accounts that were opened using blocked accounts, the right to trade is blocked, all the opened positions are closed at current market prices, all the potential losses are completely borne by the Client.
    11.  The Company reserves the right to refuse to conduct the replenishment/withdrawal of the Clients’ funds in the event of the fact of unlawful diversion of funds detection (in particular, the currency conversion). Therefore, the Company has the right to cancel the financial result of such suspicious operations, according to the Company’s Policy.
    12. The Client is fully liable for calculation and paying taxes that are accrued in the country of residence and who somehow are the result of his trading activities using the Company’s services. Without refusing the sole responsibility of the Client for payment of all tax payments, the Client agrees that in case if such claim being made in accordance with the laws of certain jurisdiction, the Company may deduct the tax from amounts that result from its’ activities with the company. The Company reserves the right to deduct the amounts of such taxes and issue invoices to the Client for any taxes to which this clause may be applied.
    13. Crediting of funds:
      1. The Client can deposit funds on the balance of his trading account.
      2. The Client can get acquainted with the list of currencies available for depositing on Clients trading account
      3. Trading account replenishment is made through the payment systems list of which can be found in the Personal Account
      4. While replenishing the trading account, payment systems commissions are paid by the Client, unless the conditions in the Payment System section specify otherwise (e.g. special conditions for commission reimbursement by the Company).
      5. Deposit of funds must be made only from those payment details that belongs to the Client. One Client of the Company can use only one payment details for transactions.
      6. When the Client replenishes the trading account balance the Company have the right to request from the Client copies of the documents that can identify the account holder, from which the replenishment can be made, or other necessary information about the Client.
      7. The reliability of information, stated in the application for funds withdrawal, are in the Clients area of responsibility.
      8. The Client is informed of the possible delays in depositing funds on the personal or trading account due to software breakdown.
      9. The Company ensures the credit of funds to the Client’s trading account immediately after the detection and elimination of the software breakdown, which resulted in delay in automatic crediting of funds. The Client, in turn, must inform the Company about delay that has arisen.
    14. Funds withdrawal
      1. The Client has the right to withdraw the funds from its’ account in amount that doesn’t exceed the free margin (funds not used in trading), less than amount received in any promotion, if the Client hasn’t fulfilled the obligations, stated in the promotion terms.
      2. The funds withdrawal is effected through the payment systems available in the Clients Personal account.
      3. The Client’s funds withdrawal is made on the same payment details form which the Client’s trading account was replenished, in the same currency in which the replenishment was made. At the same time, the Company is guided by limits set by payment systems.
      4. In the event that the account replenished by the use of various payment systems, the withdrawal is made in the same way based on the proportion to the amounts for withdrawal.
      5. For successful funds withdrawal, the Payment details section in the Clients Personal account must contain the details of the payments system to which the withdrawal funds must be transferred.
      6. The Client agrees that he will inform the Company about all the changes of his payment details, by sending the relevant application on email of the Company’s Financial Department, attaching a scanned or photographed identity document and a document confirming the payment details ownership to the Client. In default of this rule the Company reserves the right to refuse funds withdrawal for the details specified by the Client.
      7. Funds withdrawal on the payment details is made after creation of the relevant application in Personal account within a maximum of 5 (five) business days
      8. The Company reserves the right to increase the withdrawal period if the Company suspects that the funds were originally deposited by fraudulent means. To solve this situation, the Client must provide additional documents that could confirm the legality of the relevant transaction, according to the Company’s Policy on prevention and counteraction to the money laundering and financing of terrorist activities. After the processing of these documents by the Company and payment system, and also after suspicions removal, the transaction will be made.
      9. In the process of funds withdrawal from the trading account, payment system commissions are on the Client, unless the otherwise specified (e.g. special conditions for the commission reimbursement by the Company).
      10. Responsibility for the data reliability in the application for funds withdrawal lies entirely on the Client. In the event that the Client provides the fraudulent information the Company doesn’t compensate the possible damage.
      11. The Company’s obligations to refund to the Client upon the Client’s request is remained in the event of termination of the contractual relations with the Client. The minimum amount for withdrawal can be at least 50$ (USD). In the event than less than five independent transactions were carried out by the Client, an additional commission of 5% will be added to the funds withdrawal from the Client’s account.
  6. Service usage

    1. The “stop-out” level is the level at which the opened positions will be automatically closed in order to prevent further losses and transfer of account to the negative balance mode. On the C-Crypto trading platform the “stop-out” level is calculated as follows: real funds on personal account at a given time, taking into account the opened loss-making and/or profitable positions / financial result on trading account without taking into account the opened trading positions X 100%. The “stop-out” level on the trading platform is 0% by default. The Company reserves the right to change the “stop-out” level at its’ own discretion without notice, with immediate effect, depending on the market conditions.
    2. The minimum and maximum size of lots depends from the type of account, as specified on the Company’s website. We reserve the right to change the maximum and minimum size of lots to our own discretion
    3. The Clients are given the opportunity to carry out the trading operations with cryptocurrency and other financial instruments by phone during trading day. To conduct trading operations by phone the Company’s employees can provide technical support to the Clients in opening/closing/ parameters changing (take-profit, stop-loss) transactions on behalf of the Client by phone.
    4. The Client is aware and accepts the fact that in case when transaction is in completed at prices that do not reflect the real status of the market, for whatever reasons (including untracked software error, sudden breakdown, or by any other reason that might lead to an incorrect price setting), the Company reserves the right cancel such transactions.
    5. In the event if the Company has reasonable suspicions on the any kind of abuses, connected with trading platform and/or quotations and or any other abuses, the Company has the right to cancel transaction related to these abuses and to close the Clients trading account and withdraw the remaining funds to the Client from its’ trading account.
  7. Liability of the Parties

    1. Responsibility for activities carried out under this Agreement lies entirely on the Client, as well as responsibility for actions related to using of personal data for access to Personal account and trading accounts.
    2. Under no circumstances, the Company is not liable for direct, indirect, unintended, unpredicted, judicial, punitive damages that appeared as a result of any aspect of the Client’s use of the Company’s services and materials.
    3. The Company is not liable for result of the Client’s use of services, products and information of third parties, presented and advertised in connection with the Company’s services use.
    4. The Client fully agrees that he use the Company’s service exclusively at his own discretion and assess the risks. The Company’s service is offered for use “as is” and without any guarantees and conditions, both explicit and implied.
  8. Consent for e-mail and SMS-messages mailout

    1. The Client agrees to receive the Company’s information via email, in the form of the phone calls or by SMS-messages on the phone number provided by the Client as a contact. The Client can unsubscribe from the Company’s information at any time, sending the email on [email protected] or by contacting with the manager of his trading account.
  9. Conversation recordings

    1. The Client agrees that all the conversations between the Client and the Company’s employees can be recorded without any prior notice. The Client acknowledges that these records and results of their transcribing can be used as proof in case of disputes.
  10. Promotions and bonuses

    1. The Company has the right to offer both new and existing clients various bonuses and opportunities to participate in promotions. The opportunity to participate in promotions and the opportunity to receive bonus is the privilege for client and the client might be denied in them at the discretion of the Company.
    2. In some cases the Company has the right to provide bonuses to the clients on terms determined for clients on an individual basis. The Company from time to time can propose exclusive bonuses to the selective VIP-clients.
    3. The bonuses are credited after receiving all the required documents confirming the identity of the client.
    4. The size of the bonus is determined by the Company as a percentage of the amount of funds contributed by the Client.
    5.  All received bonuses are subject to processing by Client depending to amount of the bonus. The development of each 100$ of bonuses is carried out:
      1. when receiving a bonus up to 10000$ – the trading volume must reach 1000000$ on each 100$ of received bonuses;
      2. when receiving a bonus from 10000$ to 30000$ – the trading volume must reach 2000000$ on each 100$ of received bonuses;
      3. when receiving a bonus over 30000$ – the trading volume must reach 3000000$ on each 100$ of received bonuses.
    6.  If the Client has two or more accounts in the Company, the terms for bonus processing shall be fulfilled for each account based on the amount of bonus credited for each account and the transactions volume made on all accounts. Until the condition for working out the bonuses on all trading accounts is fulfilled, the withdrawal of bonus funds and income from trades is not allowed to all trading accounts. If the Client has received several bonuses, until the condition for working out all bonuses is fulfilled, the withdrawal of bonus funds and trading income is not allowed.
    7. Under the working out of the bonuses, the volume of transactions, opened in different directions, scalping transactions, as well as transaction with duration less than 3 minutes are left without consideration.
    8.  In the event of suspicions of fraud with working out and use of the bonus the trading result may be adjusted. Until the condition for bonus processing is not fulfilled, the withdrawal of bonus funds and trading income is not allowed. After reaching the trading volume, the entire balance with deposit, bonuses and income may be withdrawn without restrictions.
    9. In the event the Client withdraws the funds from the account before the conditions for bonus processing are fulfilled all opened Client’s positions are closed, as well as the balance of the funds on the Client’s account is recalculated according to the following formula: Remaining funds on the Client’s account = running balance of the account (balance) – amount of the bonus (bonuses) – total income, received by the Client for all closed transactions, opened since the bonus activation (only the positive total income is taken into account).
    10. The terms of promos held by the Company and participation rules are determined by the Company and are brought to the Client’s attention in addition. Unless the otherwise is agreed by the Company and the Client in addition, in case when the promo is associated with the bonus provision to the Client, the conditions of working out of these bonus, the possibility of its’ withdrawing from account and other rules are determined under the procedure provided for bonuses and replenishment.
    11. Terms of the “Call a friend” promo:
      11.1.  The bonus is credited only after the client makes a deposit and is accredited by our financial department.
      11.2.  The engaged client must be a new one, he should not have any previous accounts in C-Crypto, even under a different name.
      11.3.  Bonus is not provided for engaged friend who already trades through C-Crypto.
      11.4.  Withdrawal of bonus from the account is possible only after the necessary amount of transactions is made by engaged client on its’ trading account, in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the Article 10 of the User Agreement. Herein, the required trading volume is set at 50% of the amount specified in the User Agreement.
      11.5. C-Crypto reserves the right to cancel the crediting of the bonus unilaterally, if there will be an attempt to attract a fictive clients.
      11.6. C-Crypto reserves the right to change or terminate this promo at any time.
      11.7. Distribution of bonuses:
      11.7.1.  For each new deposit of 250-500$ – 0,02 BTC;
      11.7.2. For each new deposit of 500-1000$ – 0,04 BTC;
      11.7.3. For each new deposit above 1000$ – 0,07 BTC;
    12. In case of absence of activity on the trading account within 60 days, the Company has the right to debit all bonus funds. So that, all opened positions will be closed by the market quotations.
  11. Regulation

    1.  Provisions of this Agreement are based on the good law of the Republic of Ireland, where the Company is registered
    2. All the arising disputes and possible differences of the parties are solved in the course of negotiations and consultations.
    3.  In the event that the Parties fail to bid the dispute issues in course of negotiations, the problem is solved through the judicial authorities of Republic of Ireland.
    4.  If the Client has any claim to the Company, the Client agrees that it will, first of all, notify the Company about such claim by describing it and giving the reasonable basis for this claim on the email [email protected], before the Client starts to determine legal actions. After this, the Client is obliged to provide the Company within the reasonable period of time to react and analysis the notification. The Company undertakes to react in the period not exceeding the 60 (sixty) days.

      All official correspondence addressed to the Company shall be sent by email to [email protected]
  12. Additional terms

    1. This Agreement is concluded for uncertain period.
    2. This Agreement comes into force from the moment the Client accepts this Agreement. The Client accepts this Agreement by its’ registering on the Company’s website and trading account opening.
    3. The Company reserves the right to make amendments to this Agreement (including any documents that are the subject of this agreement or included) in any time with the obligation to post it on the Company’s website. All changes came into legal force after they are published on the Company’s website. The Client acknowledges that while continuing to use the Company’s service after making these amendments, he accepts these amendments, regardless of whether or not he actually read them.
    4. The Company is not liable for delay or inability to fulfill any obligation on the current Agreement due to natural disaster event (natural calamities), act of terrorism, industrial disputes, embargoes, wildfires, wars and other causes that goes beyond the control (hereinafter referred to as force majeure circumstances). In case of force majeure circumstances, the Company can at its’ own discretion, stop or suspend the service and/or cancel, close any opened transactions and/or to reverse them.