Privacy Policy

  1. Customer Information!

    1. The Company reserves the right to improve the quality of provided services, to speed up the processing of the Customers inquiries, providing information about the Company’s products and services, and comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Policy and Know Your Customer Policy, requesting all necessary identification documents from the Customer.
    2. The Client assumes the responsibility for the fact that the data transmitted to them through the registrational form on the Company’s website are credible.
    3. The Client assumes the responsibility for the fact that the documents provided by him in the process of verification process passing or for making any changes to the personal and contact information are authentic and belongs to the Client.
    4. The Client gives his consent to put his personal information into the Company’s database.
    5. The Company assumes the responsibility and guarantees that all the information provided by the Customer during the registration process and throughout its interaction with the Company is under no circumstances subject to disclosure and access by third parties, except the cases described in the clauses 4.2. and 4.3. of this document.
  2. Data Protection.

    1. The Company ensures the Clients personal data security and confidentiality using the SSL technology. This technology provides the data transfer on a super hardened chanel. Due to this, the transferred information can not be intercepted by third parties under any circumstances. Furthermore, the Company has the strict rules that provides the access to the Client’s data to a strictly limited number of employees. The Company on an on-going basis improves the level of information protection from the unauthorized access, introducing the advanced security technologies.
    2. Ensuring the confidentiality of personal passwords, usernames and other information of access to the Personal Cabinet and trading account lies fully under the responsibility the Client.
    3. The Client is fully liable for the actions and operations that he makes using the username and password provided to him by the Company or generated independently
  3. Use of Personal Data

    1. The Client transfers to the Company the right to process its’ personal data transferred to the Company, based on the Privacy Policy set out in this document.
    2. The Customer agrees that its’ personal and contact data, as well as any other personal information, can be transferred to the Company’s Partners solely on the basis of their observance of high level of its’ safety and confidentiality.
    3. Personal information of the Client is not available to the third parties, however, in specific situations the Company reserves the right to transfer it to legal authorities in accordance with present legislation or by the official request on the legitimate basis.
  4. Refusal in Personal Data Providing

    1. The Client has the right to deny the Company in personal data providing.
    2. The Client is aware that such deny to provide the Company with the necessary personal data may limit the list of services provided by the Company, as well as to reduce their quality level.

Clients personal data confidentiality is of the main rules adhered by the Altway Limited in its’ work. The process of data protection and its’ storing is described in this document. The Company has the right to change certain sections, paragraphs and subparagraphs of this Privacy Policy.