Сегодня существует уже более 1500 различных криптовалют, однако лишь небольшая часть из них может представлять интерес для трейдинга. Мы представляем список основных криптовалют, все они доступны на платформе C-Crypto.

The main and most famous cryptocurrency, which still accounts for more than half of the market capitalization. All information about transactions between system addresses is available in the public domain. Bitcoin's protocol was developed in 2009 by a certain Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto, according to some rumors under this name hided a group of unknown people.
Currency that was created for decentralized online applications and services that operate on the basis of smart contracts (scripting) functionality. The network was launched in 2015, the author of the idea is the Canadian-Russian programmer Vitali Buterin. Ethereum is an open-source platform and significantly simplifies the blockchain technology embedding, which attracts the interest of the largest developers like Microsoft, IBM, Acronis and others.
Second fork of bitcoin that held in 2011. The projects author Charles Li created it like an alternative to bitcoin. The Litecoin payment system is supported by the simultaneous work of a large number of copies of the client software. It used the "scrypt" algorithm for mining. This algorithm includes its' structure the SHA-256 algorithm that requires significant volume of high-speed RAM rather than the simple capacity.
The CryptoNote protocol based cryptocurrency which feature is the high anonymity of transactions. It was launched in 2014 without preliminary mining. Monero is an open-source software that used the Proof-of-work principle. On Esperanto the Monero means the "coin".
The cryptocurrency in the system of global corporate payments. The system appeared in the 2012, 100 billion coins were created immediately only the lover half of them are into the stream of commerce (55 billions of coins are frozen and are added on the market by step. The system is already used by the world's largest banks, the Ripple is an international means of payments. XPR cryptocurrency doesn't use mining.
Bitcoin Cash
Th bitcoin's fork that appears in the August 1, 2017. Bitcoin Cash is very similar to Bitcoin, it used the same SHA-256 hashing algorithm, the same block formation period and maximum coin emission that is 21 million. The difference are the block size of 8MB (vs. 1 MB in original bitcoin) and change of the complexity of the system through each 6 blocks and not as 2016 like in Bitcoin. This fork designed for increasing the transaction speed and for decreasing of the fee amount in the network.
Bitcoin Gold
Cryptocurrency that appeared in November, 2017, as a Bitcoin's fork. While Bitcoin Cash has increased its' bandwidth capacity of the network, Gold developers want to solve the Bitcoin's incremental centralization problem, as in the main cryptocurrency mining dominated a large companies that hold most of ASIC devices. The solution of the problem is to replace SHA-256 hashing algorithm with the Equihash algorithm that allows to mine Bitcoin Gold on GPU and turns off the ASIC algorithm.
The cryptocurrency created in 2014 as alternative to Bitcoin. This altcoin was designed to increase the transactions anonymity, for which the is answerable PrivateSend service that mixes the transactions. DASH is the abbreviation of the phrase Digital Cash. The currency's network is two-tiered and is supported by ordinary miners and masternodes. The cryptocurrency has InstaSend service for instant payments. In October, 2017, a contract was signed with Wirex online-banking platform.
An open-source cryptocurrency that guarantees the full anonymity to its' users. The project was launched in October, 2016. the basis of this cryptocurrency is an interactive cryptographic zero-knowledge proof protocol. Transactions in the network are encrypted, they hide the sender, the recipient and a coins amount. Thanks to the coins chain interruption with its' history in blockchain each cryptocurrency unit is interchangeable.
The project that appeared in October, 2017. Its' goal is to create a user friendly decentralized application that will assist anyone to jump themselves into the cryptocurrency world, buy coins and store them safely. The basis of the project is a wallet which has simple user interface and allows to store, buy/sell, transfer tokens. Solutions for digital identification will also be implemented
A platform for development of decentralized applications. Someone call this project an Ethereum killer, as the team promises to make more scalable blockchain and to add advanced tools for its' development. EOS is focused on the support of infrastructure for commercial level applications. 10% of EOS tokens are reserved for its' creators, moreover, there are 10-years pay-out period set in the smart-contract, that indicates the seriousness of it's creators intentions
A platform for tickets on different events distribution. The projects ICO take place in September, 2017. The team is focused on the creation of decentralized tickets selling service, which allows to get rid of the overestimated prices on the secondary tickets market and allows anyone to become a promoter who will receive a commissions for tickets sale. AVT - cryptocurrency supports the Aventus ecosystem and maintains its' protocol.
The cryptocurrency that was created for the Internet of Things. This cryptocurrency was created specifically for micropayments. The platform is not based on the blockchain technology, IOTA network is built in the form of the directed graph that is called Tangle. There are no division on miners and client in this network, each user must confirm two another transactions to conduct its' own transaction, so there are no commissions that is more important for micropayments.
Decentralized platform for digital identification of the assets. Users can create new digital assets and exchange them. Assets ownership is protected by decentralized identification function. Added "Oracle" system is a connecting link between Metaverse ecosystem and the Internet. The cryptocurrency by itself that is called ETP (Entropy), used in the mining combined consensus algorithm, combined in himself the Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake.
Decentralized infrastructural platform, that previously was named as Antshares. This project is usually called a Chinese Ethereum. Its' developers are actively trying to collaborate with Chinese government, so that in the nearest future official China recognized NEO as payment system and a part of new corporate economy. As opposed to Ethereum the Chinese project offers the wide range of programing languages for developers, that will simplify the process of creating of decentralized applications.
A multicurrency wallet that based on Ethereum. This platform allows online to provide currency exchange operations and to make payments with minimum commission. Technically, the OmiseGo is not a cryptocurrency, it is token, a digital share. The Omise company, which stands at the origins of the project, has been working of the Asia financial markets since 2013, it has a huge client base and large number of partner contracts with financial institutions.
Decentralized cryptocurrency that combines the Bitcoin core and Ethereum virtual machine. This a hybrid blockchain which updates the Bitcoin technology with smart-contracts and allows to develop decentralized applications. The platform allows to execute smart-contracts through the lightweight wallets, as it is based on the Bitcoin UTXO protocol. The blocks are mined every 2 minutes, reward for the block is 4 tokens.
Informational and analytical platform for cryptocurrency traders. The project task is to build a platform on which everyone could find an information of interest that will help him to trade on cryptocurrencies. The platform includes the ranking system, whereunder it evaluates the forecasts reliability and the price of information, which is measured in SAN tokens. One more goal of the project is to monitor the mood of cryptocurrency community.
Ethereum Classic
The fork of Ethereum which occurred in 2016 after major theft of ETH amount from the Ethereum network. In chain by which the Ethereum continues its' development the stolen funds were returned to its' users, while Ethereum Classic became the continuation of original Ethereum. Since that moment, the Ethereum blockchain became changeable and Ethereum Classic - not.